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Future-proofing and enhancing your people processes

Have you implemented SAP SuccessFactors or are you considering it? Knowing where you are and the state you are in, will determine the likelihood of success going forward. Whether your primary goal is to enhance employee experience, reduce manual transaction or HR administration effort, or set up your skills platform for the future, you have a range of options already available.

In this webinar SD Worx will provide some insights for you to understand your current situation and the best possible path ahead for your company. Webinar will be held in English and it's free of charge.

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    Webinar: Future-proofing and enhancing your people processes

    Did you achieve what you aimed for, when you started your journey with SAP SuccessFactors, or do you look into starting your new journey?

    The road to success is often paved with best intentions. In our experience, the road itself will determine your success. As a part of this webinar, we will talk about setting the foundation for your future success by understanding your current SAP SuccessFactors set-up with a health check. The webinar will highlight some of the tools available and our idea of a health check.

    Join our 45-minute webinar to get insights to understand your current situation in order to make use of the new tool in the best possible way for your company.

    Based on 20 years of SAP SuccessFactors implementation experience, a solid understanding of the HR domain and business insights, our experts Rashi and Henrik will guide you through some of your potential next steps.

    When? Wednesday the 29th of May 2024 at 9:00 AM CET (10:00 AM EEST, Finnish time).

    Cannot attend the live webinar? No worries, sign up for the webinar and you will receive a recording of the entire session. 

    Webinar is in English.



    Henrik Sorensen

    Henrik is a Senior SAP SuccessFactors Lead Consultant and Solution Architect implementing, consulting, supporting, and advising on SAP SuccessFactors and HR solutions in global complex environments. Henrik has been a SAP SF Certified Professional since 2013.

    Henrik often works with customers on strategic initiatives in the HR domain to develop future business capabilities by designing the right solutions.

    Rashi Khatri

    Rashi Khatri is a SAP SuccessFactors Consultant with a 14+ years career working on the SAP SuccessFactors modules. In the last years, she has been involved in delivering several projects, mainly focused on Employee Central, Learning Management, and Timeoff.